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Athletic Clearance Code of Conduct 2019-20, Insurance, Physicals

Great News!  ~ Athletic Clearance is now online ~ 

 A Parent and each athlete must complete - click here to sign in!

Also, You Can Upload your physical, and keep a copy for yourself.


Once completed, you can upload to us via or return to the Main Office.

If you can not complete online, download a hard copy, complete and turn into PVHS.

Hard copy of Code of Conduct - Click here to print

Medical Insurance is required to participate in high school athletics. 

If you do not have health insurance, click here to purchase School Insuranc

OR Print forms below:

School Insurance Forms 2019-20: 

1)  English Form  or 2)  English Online Instructions 

1)  Spanish Form or 2)  Spanish Online Instructions 

**Viking Committed**
August 12, 2019

! ALL FALL ATHLETES AND A PARENT !  Required every year.


Attendance is REQUIRED by the athletes and a parent/guardian.
Athlete Committed is a program designed to aid students in their athletic and life pursuits.  It is designed to educated students about the benefits of sleep and nutrition, and also demonstrates the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on training & athletic performance. The primary goal is to move the athletic culture and student culture towards higher levels of individual and team achievement. Each athlete and parent will be required to sign in with their coach in order to verify participation. Again, this is REQUIRED for athletic participation.

Please use the coaches directory to contact any coach for information regarding a sport you are interested in participating.

Grades & Credits Count!

Athletes wishing to participate in Fall sports must be cleared academically prior to participation.  Spring semester final grades & credits will be used to determine eligibility for the fall sports. Students must have at least a 2.00 GPA.  Or, at least a 1.50 GPA to use academic probation. Academic probation may only be used once throughout high school.  Contact the Athletic Director regarding Academic Probation. In order to be eligible in the Fall, all students must have the following number of credits to be eligible:  Freshman  0, Sophomores 50, Juniors 110, Senior 165. Spring Semester credit requirements: Freshmen 25,  Sophomores  80, Juniors  135, Seniors 195.

If you are credit deficient, see your school counselor about adding courses or options for making up credits.

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: