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Weekly Sports Calendar

Weekly Sports Schedule: 

After careful consideration of the consequences of either continuing to offer our athletic program without any modifications, offering a modified program, or to suspend the program in its entirety, site and district leadership have decided to suspend, but not cancel, our athletic program. 
To align ourselves with other teams in our league we are going to suspend our athletic programs, including all practices and competitions, effective March 16th through April 14th.  We will not be opening our athletic facilities for any voluntary practices.  Please know we understand the significant impacts of this decision, and we will do all we all we can to mitigate the impacts. 
As with many other decisions related to this pandemic, we may have to adjust the suspension dates per any legislative decisions.  We will revisit this decision immediately after the CUSD Spring Break.  Please forward this to anyone you think needs this information.  As always, thank you for your patience as we have processed this decision, and if anyone needs clarification or has concerns please feel free to provide them with my cell phone number. 
John Shepherd
Director of Secondary Education
Chico Unified School District

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