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Dec. 15, 2020 Update CDPH - Sports COVID 19 Guidance

On Monday, Dec, 14, 2020, the California Department of Public Health issued their new guidance for youth sports.  In a statement from the CDPH, no competitions or official practices can begin until AT LEAST January 25.  The CDPH will reassess the timeline on January 4 after looking at where we are in terms of positive COVID-19 cases in the state at that time.  
Below is a link to the complete CDPH guidelines.
The guidance divided sports into risk categories, and tied those sports to the tier system.  Outdoor sports that involve little physical contact are in the lowest risk category, whereas indoor sports involving high physical contact end up in the highest risk category.  For example, a county would need to be in the Orange tier for football practices and games to begin.  Currently, all of us are in the Purple tier.  Below is a list of sports that can compete if their county is in one of four tier categories.
Purple Tier:
Cross Country
Track and Field
Red Tier:
Cheerleading – outdoor
Field Hockey
Orange Tier:
Yellow Tier:
Cheerleading – indoor
Other important points made in the guidance include:
No tournaments will be allowed except in low risk outdoor sports such as cross country, golf, swimming, tennis, and track and field.
Athletes returning from a non-symptomatic or a mild symptom positive case must have a doctor’s note to return to practice and competition.
To reduce the virus spread through travel, teams must play within their own county or immediately bordering counties, and a sport must be approved for the most restrictive tier of the two counties.  If this restriction actually takes place, the National Conference will have to reschedule league contests for the EAL and BVL.  Only the NAL has all its members located in bordering counties.
Below is a link to the complete CDPH guidelines.

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