Subject Requirements


Subjects Years/Credits

English 4 yrs/40 credits

Fine Arts/World Lang/CTE 1 yr/10 credits

Health 1 sem/5 credits

Math 3 yrs/30 credits

P.E. 2 yrs/20 credits

Physical Science 1 yr/10 credits

Life Science 1 yr/10 credits

World History 1 yr/10 credits

US History 1 yr/10 credits

Economics 1 sem/5 credits

Government 1 sem/5 credits

Electives 80 Credits

Credit Requirements

235 credits must be completed to earn a diploma


Algebra Requirement

Must pass Integrated Math 1 by end of senior year

University of California**


Cal State University

A – G Admission Requirements

All courses must be college prep level - P


A US History / World History ----------- 2 Yrs

B English ------------------------------------ 4 Yrs

C Math (IM1, IM2, IM3) ----------------- 3 Yrs

D Lab Science (Bio, Chem/CPESS for CSU) 2 Yrs

E Language other than English --------- 2 Yrs

F Visual / Performing Arts -------------- 1 Yr

G College Prep Elective ------------------- 1Yr

** UC’s recommend additional years of math,

science and foreign language.

NCAA Division I

16 Core Courses


4 years of English


3 years of math (IM 1 and higher)


2 years of natural/physical science


1 year of additional English, mathematics or natural/physical science


2 years of social science


4 years of additional courses

(from any area above, and foreign language or comparative religion/philosophy)