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Senior News Letter - Fall 2018Top of Page

Greetings PV students and parents,
We are already one month into your last year of high school! There are many options that senior students may be considering for the first year after high school (including community college, university, gap years, military, and trade school, working or interning). We have listed below timelines and deadlines that are quickly approaching for those students who are interested in the college pathways. There are many college and career planning resources on the Pleasant Valley High School website that you may be interested in reviewing as you begin thinking about your future.

Senior class presentations

  • Counselors will be visiting senior English classes on Thursday, Sept 20th to present information regarding the upcoming college application process, senior year timelines, and we will hand out and review your transcript. Students should be updated on dates, timelines, and requirements on that date. They will also bring home a Senior Year Timeline that we will provide with many important dates throughout the year. Click here to view the Google Slides that were presented.

University Application and Admissions Process

  • Students who are applying to four year universities will need to:
  1. Meet all the academic admissions requirements by the end of their senior year.
  2. Complete SAT and ACT tests before the deadline dates which are by the end of the fall semester
  3. Research the campuses they are interested in and are aware of their admissions profile
  4. Start the application process allowing yourself plenty of time to complete (don’t wait until the last minute!)
  5. Request letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors (needed for private university applications only)
  • University of California: Click here
    The UC application website opened on August 1st. Students should go to the UC website and create an account. The application must be submitted between November 1st and November 30th. The application includes 4 personal insightquestions answered in an essay format. The application involves academic reports, essays, activities and awards. No letters of recommendation are required.
  • California State University: Click here
    Applications for all CSU campuses are submitted on the Cal State Apply website. Students can submit applications Oct 1st-Nov 30th. The CSU application only requires an academic report and does not require essays or letters of recommendation. CSU campuses will hold to this strict “regular filing deadline”. The Cal State Apply website is a wonderful resource for exploring the 23 campuses of the CSU system.
  • Private College and Out of State Applications: Click here
    Students planning to apply to private universities should check the website of each university they plan to apply. Many of them use the Common Application. If a private or out of state university does not use the common application, the application will be found directly on the campus website. Many private universities require letters of recommendations. Student should make a request for letters of recommendation from their teachers or counselors by mid-October at the latest. A request for a letter of recommendation must include: student’s resume and senior profile, students Letter of Recommendation Request form, and transcript (teacher request only).

Future Roadrunners
Butte College bound students:

  • Reg-to-Go: Pleasant Valley High School, in conjunction with Butte College, offers seniors an opportunity to complete Butte College orientation as well as register for their first semester at Butte College through a program called Reg-To-Go. Butte College Counselors and Advisers visit senior English classes during January to present information about Butte College and help students begin the enrollment process. Through Reg-To-Go students will complete all of the enrollment, orientation and registration for classes for the fall 2019 semester, prior to
    graduating from Pleasant Valley High School. In addition, this program allows you early selection of courses, prior to other students from outside of this area. It is a wonderful program so don’t forget to sign up to be able to register early for the best class choices!

Senior Profile

  • Now is the time to create a great senior profile! A Senior Profile is used by a Teacher or Counselor to complete any secondary school report or a letter of recommendation that is required by a private university. It is a resume-type record of your accomplishments and activities (volunteer work, sports, employment) completed during high school. You will need a good senior profile to use with scholarship applications. Please come into the Counseling Office to get a packet for completing your senior profile and make an appointment with your Counselor.


  • Scholarship opportunities are available throughout the senior year but get busier in the spring semester. The student may access scholarships through the university scholarship page, corporations, and through local organizations. There are several different scholarship search engines that a student can utilize as well. The Pleasant Valley High School Counseling office prints a Scholarship Bulletin monthly beginning in October. Don’t forget to apply to the Chico Community Scholarship Association (deadline in February) for an excellent opportunity for a scholarship from this local organization which provides many scholarships yearly to local graduating seniors.

Cap and Gown

A representative will be on campus several times throughout the school year. Below are the dates that he will be in front of the Counseling Office during lunch:
Wednesday, February 20th
Friday, March 15th
Wednesday, April 15th
Friday, May 10th

JuniorsTop of Page

  • Be sure you are meeting A-G requirements if you want to attend a 4-year university right after graduation.
    • Are you taking IM3 or higher?
    • Have you taken 2 years of the same World Lang?
    • Have you taken a Fine Art?
  • Take the PSAT again if you would like more practice for the SAT
  • Start creating a list of colleges, careers and majors you are interested in.
  • Visit local colleges over thanksgiving break.
  • Spring
    • Register for the SAT and/or the ACT
      • We recommend to take the SAT or ACT at some point during the spring semester of Junior year
    • Attend College and Career night (Normally at the end of October)
    • Registration
    • Counselors will give a class presentation to help juniors choose classes for their senior year. Click here for a copy of the presentation.
    • Counselors will review the students transcripts to ensure they are eligible for graduation and/or eligigible to meet the A-G requirements.

SophomoresTop of Page

Fall semester
PSAT class visits
Spring semester
Registration and class selection for grade 11
  • Class Presentation for Registration
    • Review of transcript, review of high school graduation requirements and college admission requirements, introduction to 4-year Planning and Academic planning guide; and, introduction to college and career research
  • 1-1 meetings with students in the library
College Planning Night
  • Evening program and power point presentation on college admission process, college admission testing, timelines, financial aid, etc.

FreshmanTop of Page

  • School counselors present to the freshman class during the fall semester.
  • Meet your School Counselor by stopping by during lunch or after school or by scheduling an appointment
  • Establish strong study habits and time management techniques
  • Participate in extracurricular activities that interest you
  • Participate in community service activities on campus and in the community.
  • Registration - Spring
    • Counselors help freshman register for classes by reviewing the students transcripts to ensure they are on track for graduation and/or on track to meet A-G requirements.

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