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May 2020
Dear Parent/Guardian:
Chico Unified School District is offering a summer credit recovery program for students who are credit deficient and not on track to graduate. Online Summer School will be held from June 8th – July 3rd through Oak Bridge Online Academy, 1950 East 20th St, Chico, CA 95928. Two classes will be offered (5 credits each) for a total of 10 credits through Edgenuity online. Students are expected to be logged in and completing coursework for 4 hours per day if enrolled in 2 classes. Supervising teachers will be available by teleconference, zoom, and email from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm daily. Students can work outside of these hours on their classwork.
If your student has failed more than ONE class during high school they may not be on track for graduation. Your student must attend summer school to ensure they remain on track for graduation.
To ensure enrollment, your student should log in on June 8th to Edgenuity ( between 8:00 am-12:00 pm. Login and password information is the same as CUSD Chromebook. If you have any issues, please contact Summer School Administrator, Rachel Love at 897-8877. Your assigned summer school teacher will be reaching out to your student by email on June 8th as well.
Edgenuity is a leading provider of K–12 online curriculum and blended learning solutions. We specialize in online courses, test preparation, and more.
Attendance is vitally important, as there are no excused absences during summer credit recovery. If enrolled in 2 classes, then it is expected that your student is logged in and working for 20 hours each week. Students will be DROPPED if they are not logged in for 20 hours.
Future funding for summer school is uncertain so we are excited that students have the opportunity to make up credits this summer.
Please contact Penny Melvin at 891-3066 ex. 209 or if your student will not be able to attend summer school and you are choosing to opt-out of this opportunity.

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