Media Arts

Media Arts Department

CTE Pathway Courses

  • ●Intro to Multi-Media
  • ●Video Production (UC A-G VPA credit and College credit)
  • ●Film & Media Studies (*Pending UC A-G Approval)
  • ●Audio & Media Production (Receives college credit)
  • ●Video Production 2 (Receives college credit)
  • ●Video Production 3 (Receives college credit)


Industry Sector: Arts, Media, & Entertainment

Career Pathway: Design, Visual, & Media Arts

Freshman: Intro to Multimedia

Sophomore: Video Production (y)

Junior: Audio Production, Video Production 2, and/or Film & Media Studies

Senior: Audio Production, Video Production 2 or 3, and/or Film & Media Studies



 Media Arts Course Descriptions








Intro to Multimedia

So much technology, so little time! This is a one semester class that makes a perfect back-up to Health at the 9th grade level. This course will introduce students to many of the concepts and programs used in our higher level courses as well as giving a chance to become proficient using GAFE, Google Apps for Education. Units of the course include video production and filmmaking, still photography, audio production, animation, special fx, and graphic design.







elective credits


Video Production (Beginner)

Video Production focuses on the creation of an environment where students can master high-level communication, technological, artistic and critical thinking skills. Students will understand and gain knowledge of full video production including filming and editing digital video, and will conceptualize and produce full scripts and storyboards for all of their projects. Understanding key artistic aspects of filmmaking such as composition, continuity, and aesthetics of film are also major components of this course. Students will also research technical schools, colleges, universities, and career opportunities in the field of video production.

Filming and editing various styles of videos will be the primary focus of this hands on course. Music videos, commercials, silent films, and short movies will be units in this course.





Articulated with the Butte College 2+2 Program where students earn simultaneous high school and college credit.


5 credits per semester

CTE/Fine Arts/Foreign Lang

Video Production 2 & 3 (Advanced)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Video Production or instructor’s approval.


This advanced level course is designed to provide students with entry level career skills in audio and video production. Students will participate in hands on training with current professional hardware, software and audio and video equipment. Instruction will include producing, filming, editing, lighting, still photography, storyboarding and script writing, audio creation and editing, file conversion and management, and web page creation. Students will do studio and on location shoots for various types of videos and multi-media projects produced under the “House of BLUE Productions” name. Students will get hands on experience running a small multi-media business and will learn valuable business skills and knowledge. Students will also learn about the skills and education necessary to prepare for audio and video careers from career research and analysis, visiting local businesses, and from various multi-media guest speakers.




Course receives 3 units of college credit through Butte College articulations.


Pending approval for UC/CSU CTE Elective “G” credit.


5 credits per semester

CTE/Fine Arts/Foreign Lang


Audio & Media Production

This class gives students the opportunity to acquire the technical knowledge and skills needed for entry level employment in the audio or media communications industry. The primary focus of this course will be on audio creation, audio editing, and audio recording. You do not need to be a musician to be successful in this class, but you should have a desire or passion to work with audio, music, and other exciting areas of multi-media. Units in rock and roll history, musical genres, and the history of rap will be studied. Other areas of study will include broadcast production in a studio setting. Special projects provide students with hands-on experiences with computer equipment, microphones, and drum machines in a variety of media applications and productions.




Course receives 3 units of college credit through Butte College articulations.


5 credits per semester

CTE/Fine Arts/Foreign Lang



Film & Media Studies



Do you love watching and discussing movies? Storytelling is the most common way that we communicate to one another. Stories told with film have a tremendous influence on our attitudes and perceptions of the world around us. In fact, films may be one of the most powerful tools in modern culture for shaping values and conveying information. By viewing, studying, discussing and writing about film, students develop and demonstrate skills in technological, cultural, and media literacy, as well as critical thinking and problem solving - skills that will serve them well in the real world.We will be viewing many of the best films ever produced in this exciting new course.




5 elective credits per semester


*Pending UC A-G Approval