Dear Students and Parents, 

Welcome to Pleasant Valley!   

Our staff does our best to maintain & grow our course offerings. We offer this Course Registration Catalog as a simple, easy way for students to select their courses for the upcoming school year. This catalog contains:

  1.  Material about graduation requirements
  2.  Courses that meet those requirements
  3.  Recommended class sequences in core academic areas
  4.  Recommended course selections for each grade level
  5.  Graduation requirement information

As you engage in the process, remember to keep in mind three things:  first, where you have been – the courses you have already taken; second, where you are going – your plan for the coming year; and third, your “big picture” plan to complete your high school requirements and where you will go after high school.  There are pages in the catalog to help you through the process.  The entire purpose of this booklet is to make the registration process simple and relevant for you, the students and parents. 

All of us here at Pleasant Valley are very pleased you are part of our school. 

For further information please click on the sub-pages to the left of this page under our the Course Registration Catalog.

Please let us know when and how we can be of service, at any time and for any reason.



PVHS Administrative Team