Course Descriptions

Pleasant Valley Student Handbook


1. Individual courses will be identified by title, followed by the grade level of the course (e.g. 9, 10, 11, 12), the length of the course (e.g., s = semester, y = year, y*= students may enter at semester with counselor/teacher approval).

2. Standard credit courses grant 5.0 credits for semester courses, and 10.0 credits for year courses.

3. Prerequisites to courses must be followed. Exceptions will be allowed only after approval from both the instructor and the student’s counselor.

4. University of California and California State University certified courses are identified by a ‘P’ next to the course title.

5. There is no charge for taking any course at Pleasant Valley High School. Workbooks, materials, and supplies are provided free to all students such that they can achieve as high a grade as any other student in the class. However, there are many courses that allow students to purchase projects that they have made by paying the cost of materials for such projects. In addition, students are allowed to purchase workbooks if they want to mark in them instead of returning them in good shape at the end of the term.