Step by step guidelines

1. The first step is to talk to your child. Discuss their perception of what they think the problem is.
Have they been completing and turning in their homework? Does your student understand the
material? How are they performing on quizzes and tests in the class? Have they been attending
class? Sometimes, addressing these simple questions can help the parent see the problem from
the student’s point of view.
2. Use the AERIES Parent Portal. Make sure your student also signs up for the AERIES Student portal.
Using AERIES is helpful to gain information about your students' progress. The AERIES portal
accounts monitor grades, assignments, attendance, and progress. If you have not set up an
AERIES account you may contact Student Services or the Counseling Office for assistance.
3. Talk to the teacher. Communication with the teacher is one of the most important strategies to get
the full picture of your child’s situation in the course. You may communicate through email or voicemail.
Additionally, teachers can also meet with a student at lunch or after school. They are also available
for meetings with the student and parent which you can arrange by emailing them or calling them.
4. Tutorial Resources: Students can get tutoring through various methods including: meeting with
their teacher at lunch or after school, utilizing department tutoring (tutorial calendar available at
lunch or after school in Math and Foreign Language Department), Peer Tutoring (work one on
one with older student, referral through their Counselor), CAVE tutoring (at Chico State University)
or through private tutors.