Is your son/daughter struggling in one or more of their classes? Here are some options:
  1. Contact the teacher.   Teachers offer help to students either before school, during lunch, or after school. Your student can utilize their teacher for extra help!   The teacher is always the best resource for helping your child improve their study habits and grades for their class.  Contact teachers by email or voicemail.  Voicemail can be left for a teacher by calling 891-3050   ext 0.   An email directory is available on the PV website at
  2. Private Tutors.   Private tutoring is available through a number of resources including:
    1. Community Action Volunteer in Education (898-5817)
    2. California State University Chico-contact individual departments (898-6116- General Information Number)

There is also a list of private tutors in various subjects available through the Counseling office. Please contact your student's teacher or counselor for specific information about tutoring options.

Peer Tutoring

Visit the Counseling Office if you'd like more information on becoming a Peer Tutor or getting peer tutoring services.
Tutors receive training on effective ways to work with their tutees, with an emphasis on confidentiality, providing positive reinforcement, and allowing adequate response time when asking questions.  The training process also instructs tutors on explaining directions, watching for and correcting mistakes, and providing positive feedback and encouragement.
Visit the Counseling office to sign up!