CUSD College Connection Region III & IV Recruitment Timeline ~ Class of 2018

CUSD College Connection Region III & IV Recruitment Timeline
Class of 2019
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*  Outreach - 11/30/17
Classroom presentations at Chico High and and Pleasant Valley in US History classes.
November 30 — College Connection applications available online or in the Counseling Office.  
* Apply to Butte College - 11/30/17 through 1/9/18
Students who apply by 1/9/18 will be able to sign up for the 1/17 or 1/18 BSA (Basic Skills Assessment) offered exclusive to College Connect applicants; if you apply to Butte College after 1/9/18, please contact the Butte College Assessment Office (895-2350) for alternative BSA dates.
*  College Connection Information Night - 1/10/18  6 - 7:30 pm
All CUSD students and families meet at the Chico High Williams Theater on the Chico High School campus to learn more about College Connection.  The presentation will begin at 6:00 and include a question/answer period. 
 * Basic Skills Assessment - 1/17/18 or 1/18/18  3:45 pm
The BSA is administered at the Butte College Chico Center, will begin at 4:00 and is untimed; students finish between 5:30 and 7:00.  Students must call Butte prior to 1/17 to register or learn of alternate dates.  Remember to bring: high school transcript including courses in progress, photo ID, and BC ID#.  (2/10/18 BSA make up or retest 9 am at Main Campus, by appointment only, students must call Butte College and sing up prior to 2/10/18)
* Deadline to submit College Connection applications - 2/2/18  3:00 pm
Turn in applications at high school counseling offices - NO late applications accepted.
Following dates are TENTATIVE
*  February 6-24 — application review & applicant interviews.  Interviews take place on high school campuses during the school day.
February 26 - Publish CC class of 2019 list (end of the school day on each campus)
March 1-2 —CC Class of 2019 meeting during lunch (paperwork/timeline)
March 6-10 - introduction to scheduling
March 20-24 - Meet to finalize Su/Fall 2017 student planned schedule 
*  March 30 - submit registration fees and Su/Fall 2017 schedules
*  March 30 - students can view Su/Fall 2017 online through MYBC
*  May - lunch time meeting to discuss August Orientation

College Connection Program - FAQ's & Information

College Connection Program
FAQ’s & Information

What is College Connection?
College Connection is a partnership between Butte College and participating school districts to provide high school seniors the option of beginning college through a structured immersion experience. College Connection students are enrolled in their high school and Butte College; students complete high school requirements through a combination of class time and independent study with a CUSD teacher, while enrolling in three Butte College classes (9-11 units) each semester at Butte College. Students can earn general education credit, explore interests and majors, and enjoy a supported immersion experience prior to their “official” freshman year of college. Program advisors/teachers assist students with college scheduling and course selection, communication and time management skills, learning about college options and resources, and career exploration through community service. The program aims at to get students acclimated to the college environment and to develop savvy educational consumers.
Who can apply and who is accepted?
High school juniors enrolled at Chico High, Inspire, Orland High, and Pleasant Valley are eligible to apply. Student need to complete the application packet (paper application at high school counseling office or printed from counseling web page), apply to Butte College, take the Butte College Basic Skills Assessment, and interview with the College Connection teachers. Each year, 70-75 students are accepted based on the following factors: ability, readiness, responsibility, maturity, and potential (assessed through: transcripts, attendance, discipline records, student and parent essays, teacher evaluations, and applicant interview, basic skills assessment). Students are accepted from a variety of GPA ranges and with a variety of post-secondary goals. College Connection is a great program for many students: Students who want to explore new subject areas (anthropology to zoology), who are ready for a new academic environment, who want to earn college credit, who want or need structured support in the beginning of their college career, and students who are ready to take the next step in their education should apply.
What are the costs associated with College Connection?
College Connection students are enrolled both at their high school and at Butte College. As Butte students they are required to pay a health and technology fee each semester (approximately $40), and course fees (lab fees—as necessary), and to pay for college textbooks. College textbooks can be expensive, but we educate the students about ways to keep textbook costs down. CUSD provides a one time “stipend” of $75 to be used at the Butte Bookstore and there is a College Connection textbook lending library. Butte College, CUSD, and College Connection work to help you students manage the cost of textbooks.
If you have any questions, please contact either CUSD College Connection teacher
or your student’s high school counselor
Elaine Ellsmore at