Senior Portrait Information

For your personal portraits you may choose any studio/photographer of your choice. You are only required to go to Lifetouch (Prestige Portraits) for your Yearbook portrait.

PV's Official Yearbook Senior Portrait Photographer is Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch. If you have not received your appointment date and time, call today, 895-3734. Prestige Portraits is a full service studio.  Not only will they take your Yearbook portrait, but they are ready to create Senior Portraits your family will cherish for a lifetime. Call Prestige today - they are the only call you need to make!

Important dates to remember:
Senior Portraits - All senior studio portraits must be taken by September 2017 Lifetouch will be on campus to take senior yearbook portraits for any senior who hasn't taken their photo. Exact dates are to be determined.
Parent Page Ads - deadline is Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 4:00pm.