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Attendance Matters

Thank you for your interest in our school attendance policies. Please call or email our Student Services Staff whenever your child is absent. Please provide the following information:
  1. Child's Name
  2. Date of the Absence and the Reason
All absences must be cleared within three school days or they will be considered unexcused. Thank you for your help.

Meet Our Student Services/Attendance Team

Parents and guardians may call the above numbers or email the staff to clear a student's absence (based on the student's last name).

Additional Information

Students must be in their seats when the bell rings.  If a student is not in their seat, they will receive an unexcused tardy. Thirty-Minute detention will be assigned and must be completed within five school days. Written verification by a medical office with date and time listed, will bean excused tardy.
1. Sending your student with a note stating your student's first and last name, the reason, the time they need to leave campus, and your name.  Your student will receive an off-campus pass which they will show the teacher when it is time to leave class. Your student can conveniently meet you in the parking lot.
2.  Call the attendance office at 891-3050 and the corresponding extension listed above, and an off-campus pass will be prepared for your student.  It is the student's responsibility to pick up the off-campus pass during their passing period or lunch.  They will show the pass to the teacher when it is time to leave class and meet you in the parking lot.
Students need to dress appropriately for school and school-related functions.  Unacceptable clothing includes strapless tops, bare midriffs, bandeau tops with or without a sheer top, sheer clothing, underwear showing, sagging pants, gang affiliated and/or "illegal" or "inappropriate" displays on clothing. This includes, but is not limited to, Sierra Nevada logo clothing. Violations may result in Saturday School.
Class time is valuable!  Parents are always welcome to drop off an item for their student, as long as the student knows to pick it up.  We do not deliver notes or items to classrooms, as it is a disruption to instructional time. Thank you!

Parents play a vital role by helping children attend every school day possible.

We appreciate that you use our school calendar to adjust your vacations and trips so they are not scheduled on school days. However, if your child must miss five (5) consecutive days or more of school, please visit the school office to sign up for the Independent Study Program. These absences must be reported ONE WEEK minimum prior to the student's absence. 

Studies show that children who miss just one day of school fall two days behind in their school work.

Students who are absent an average of 15 days a year miss a years' worth of school before their senior year and students who miss 8 days or more each year are at risk of not graduating with their class.


PARTIAL DAY ATTENDANCE/FUNDING:  When your child has a doctor's appointment in the middle of the school day, please bring him/her to school before or after the appointment. Schools receive full funding even if a student attends for part of the day. It is this funding that provides the needed books, supplies, curriculum, and other necessities for your child's education.

A: No. The school only receives funding when your child is present. (Remember, partial day attendance does NOT count as an all day absence.

A: We prefer you call the school office the morning of the absence, but you can send a note when the child returns that is written by a parent/guardian explaining the absence.

THE INDEPENDENT STUDY PROGRAM: Your child's attendance is very important. We appreciate that you use our school calendar to adjust your vacations and trips so they are not scheduled on school days. However, if your child must miss five (5) consecutive days or more of school, please arrange with the school office and your child's teacher to sign up for the Independent Study Program. Your child will receive a study packet which will help them stay on task and the classroom will receive funding.

ABSENCE REMINDER: It is very important that a parent or guardian notify the office when a child is absent, when there is no verification within three (3) school days, the absences are considered unexcused and the student truant (Ed Code 48260). If you are leaving a message, please state your child's name, your name, teacher's name, date of absence and reason. Thank you for your help in clearing your child's absences!

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