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Anime Mrs. Rosenow View & discuss Japanese animation movies, and learn a new culture.
The SAGA Mrs. Martin Newspaper club.   
CSF - California Scholarship Federation   Ms. Nevens To recognize students with good grades & provide them with community service opportunities. For application and announcements join CSF Google Classroom by clicking here
Chess Club Mrs. Rollins To enjoy, learn, & compete.
S.A.F.E Mr. Green Students advocating for equality
FCCLA - Family, Career & Community Leaders of America Mrs. Burns This organization is open to students taking - Culinary, Hospitality, Nutrition, Senior Survival, Education & Life Management, or Child Development courses. Community service, competitions, skill-building, field trips, conferences & student leadership improvement is the focus. Visit the state site:
Friday Night Live Mr. Olson Build student relationships & leadership skills
Gay-Straight Alliance Ms. Burton & Mrs. Bates To support each other, provide a safe place, and create a platform for activism.
House of Blue Mr. Peck Run & support our PV House of Blue Production team.
Interact Club Mrs. Isern A service club affiliated with Rotary International. Our motto is "service above self".
Japanese Club Mrs. Martin To learn about Japanese culture.
Key Club Mrs. Gregoire A community service club.
Debate Club Mr. Vought Learn how to be respectful and stand up for your views
Outreach Club Mrs. Allen Mental Health Awareness
AVID Mr. Teesdale Inform students of college and careers
Athlete Committed Mr. Cooley?  
Rock Club Mrs. Montgomery Rock music fans
Guild of Nerds Mrs. Lund DND, gaming, anime, therapy, homework help
Players Versus Mrs. Rosenow Competitive video gaming
PVHS dance Club Mrs. Ottoboni To bring people together and have fun learning new dances or just hanging out
League of Stars Mr. Valdez Chico State Mentorship
Choir Club Mrs. Taylor A club for singing
Peer Tutoring Club Mrs. Plants Club memenrs tutor peers in a variety of subjects
Karaoke Club Mrs. Paul Lunchtime fun for all students, but especially 9th graders

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