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Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

The Chico Unified School District does not carry medical or dental insurance for students injured on school premises, while under school jurisdiction, or while participating in school district activities. For these reasons, the school district has arranged a student accident insurance program for your review and consideration.  This insurance program is optional and complies with California Education Code, which permits distribution of necessary information from the company providing the coverage.

The application process will now be done online, and will allow parents to safely and securely transmit applications through one of the following methods.

 Ø Direct online submission: through the secure web portal,, you can complete your Student Accident Insurance application directly on the website. The applications for insurance will be effective immediately and a policy number and insurance card will be available right away. Detailed instructions are automatically provided to clients that want this option. This system is equipped to accept credit, debit, and e-checks for parent’s convenience.

 Ø Web “download”: through the secure web portal, , you can fill out and print your Student Accident Insurance application directly from the website.  Parents who would like to send certified funds will continue to have the option to do so; Student Insurance would need to receive the hard copy application and cashier’s check or money order in their offices for the policy to be effective. Please consult Student Insurance, if you have any questions. The applications for insurance will be effective once received in their office and a policy number will be available once the application has been processed. 

 For more information or for help with enrolling your student in the insurance program, you can also contact Student Insurance at 1 (800) 367-5830.


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