The English Department is committed to giving students a strong background in all language arts skills:
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Written and oral English language conventions
  • Listening and speaking strategies
All classes meet the California English-Language Content Standards for California Public Schools for Grades 9-12.
Students must be enrolled in an English class every semester until graduation. A total of 40 credits earned are required for graduation.


Name                                                         Classes Taught
Cindy Bailey English 10,CP Writing, Honors English 10
Amy Besnard English IB/HL2, AP English Literature, World Literature
Karen Miller CP Writing, AP English
Rochelle Garrett                          
American Literature, Survey of Modern Literature, English 10
Erinn Gulbrandsen English 9 & 10, Power Reading
Tamara Jensen          
English 9
Martha Mayr English IB/HL1, English 10
Lindsay Morine
HO English 9, American Literature, Advanced Journalism (Yearbook)
Stacia Morrissey      *Dept. Chair Honors English 10, Themes in Literature
Stefanie Volk English 9, Student Government
Karen Danesi CP Writing

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