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The English Department is committed to giving students a strong background in all language arts skills:

  • Writing

  • Reading

  • Written and oral English language conventions

  • Listening and speaking strategies

All classes meet the California English-Language Content Standards for California Public Schools for Grades 9-12.
Students must be enrolled in an English class every semester until graduation. A total of 40 credits earned are required for graduation.


  Name                                                         Sections
  Cindy Bailey ERWC, Honors English 10
  Amy Besnard English 9, English IB/HL2, AP English Literature 
  Rochelle Garrett  American Literature,English 10
  Kaitlyn Hagan                        English 9, Power Reading, ERWC 
  Kelsey Hanson Power Reading 9P, English 10P
  Doug Hesse Career and College Writing, ERWC, Survey of Modern Literature, English 10
  Nate Hislop World Literature, AP English Language
  Tamara Jensen  English 9, Drama
  Cielo Maldonado-Lopez HO English 9, OL English 10
  Hailey Maxfield American Lit, American Lit P, English 10P, Yearbook Advisor
  Martha Mayr English IB/HL1, American Literature
Stacia Morrissey      *Dept. Chair Honors English 10, ERWC
  Stefanie Volk English 10, Student Government

Useful English Links

  • Writing and MLA resource: OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab

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