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Name Classes Taught
Priscilla Burns, Dept. Chair Culinary, CTE District Coordinator
Laura Dietle HEROES TEACH, Careers With Kids, Human Development, Senior Survival
Susan Sullins
Life Management, Teen Topics, Nutrition


Natalie Ottobani

Priscilla Burns

Priscilla Burns Priscilla Burns graduated from CSU-Chico with Bachelors's Degree and a teaching credential in Home Economics, Life Science, and designated subject credentials in Culinary Art and Retail Sales.  After interning with the California State Department of Education, she taught in Princeton for 13 years.  In 1995, she was awarded Princeton Teacher of the year. She was awarded California Teacher of the Year in 1996.  Upon moving into Chico Unified School District Priscilla taught at Bidwell for one year and transferred to Pleasant Valley High School in 1997.  She received Chico Unified Teacher of the Year in 1999 and the California Restaurant Teacher of the Year 2011.  In 2017 and 2018 Priscilla was awarded Mentor Advisor and Spirit of Advising for FCCLA.  The new culinary building will be exciting to teach within!  

Susan Sullins

Susan Sullins Bio   

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