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What is VISP?
Viking Independent Study is a voluntary, alternative program offered on the PVHS campus. Students are required to complete 2 credits of work and meet with their teacher for 2 ½ hours each week at their regularly scheduled appointment.

To be successful, students should demonstrate a reading level near or above grade level. They must also possess the aptitude and ability to work independently. Positive time management skills are also a must. Although we use the same textbooks as the regular campus, our courses are not eligible as college preparatory classes and do not meet the admission requirements of a CSU or UC campus. Our graduates are welcome at any of the community colleges, military, and vocational/technological schools. VISP students attend the same graduation ceremony and receive the same PVHS diploma as their peers on the regular campus.

How it Works
Students are required to attend school at least 2 ½ hours per week. Your appointment day and time will remain the same each week for the entire semester. Students must arrive on time and stay for the entire 2 ½ hours. New students are also required to attend a 2 ½ hour study hall appointment for the first six weeks. A parent or guardian must call to verify any student absences. There are no excused absences in independent study. You are still responsible for completing 2 credits each week. However, we also don't want your germs! Arrangements can be made to have a parent/guardian bring in your work and pick up your next assignment.

Students will be given a 2 credit assignment each week. Two credits typically take 25-30 hours to complete.  A weekly assignment could be 2 chapters of history and one chapter of math. Tests/quizzes are given in class on the work assigned. Not attending your appointment or missing your meeting will result in a phone call home and a truancy letter being sent. A Weekly Progress Record will be sent home each week so both parent/guardian and student know how many credits and what grades have been earned. Also on the weekly progress record are extra credit options. VISP does not use Aeries. Grades are posted to transcripts at the quarter.

Additional Student Opportunities
VISP students are still considered PV students and are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as Reg2Go, clubs, dances, talent shows, sports teams, cheerleading, and rallies.
VISP students have access to the library, cafeteria, and counseling services.
VISP students can concurrently enroll in up to two regular classes on campus (foreign language, PE, work experience, ROP, yearbook, theater, music, math, English, science, etc.)
VISP students are welcome to have lunch with their friends during 4th or 5th period.  

How to Enroll
Step 1: Make an appointment and talk with your counselor.
Step 2: Arrange a meeting with your counselor, parent/guardian, and you to discuss if VISP is right for you.
Step 3: Fill out the necessary enrollment paperwork.
Step 4: CONTINUE TO ATTEND YOUR REGULAR PV CLASSES while you wait to be contacted by the counseling office of an available opening in VISP.
Step 5: Attend an orientation at VISP with a parent/guardian. (Orientations are usually held on Mondays at 8:00 am in room C-6).

Scott Feingold

Renee Spaggiari
891-3050 ext. 31111

Monday-Friday:  8:30-3:28 pm



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