The Special Education program includes the Resource Specialist Program, Special Day Classes and CH Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program.
The Resource Specialist Program
is for students with average or above average abilities who have discrepancies between ability and academic levels as defined by law. The majority of the student's day is spent in the regular program. The Resource Specialist provides consultation to parents and regular staff members in areas such as assessment, curriculum and classroom management.
Special Day Classes are for students with more intensive educational needs, when education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aides and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily. Typically 50% or more of the student's day is spent in Special Day Classes.
CH Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program is for students who are deaf or hard of hearing and have an active IEP with the County Office of Education. Students may be enrolled in some or all regular education classes, with close monitoring by the CH (communicatively handicapped) teacher.
Eligibility for Special Education classes is determined by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team.


Name Classes Taught
Galen Anderson, Dept. Chair Modified Program
Mary Jo Brown Transition Program
Jeff Carr Severely Handicapped Program
Cateena Davis Modified Program
Jeff Hull
Adaptive Program
Bill Haley Adult Severely Handicapped Program
Misty Ludwig Basic RSP
Gayle Olsen Modified program
Karen Olson Basic RSP
Ryan Parker
Basic RSP
Rich Utterback Basic RSP
Russell Olson
Basic RSP


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