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Lauren Green

Lauren Green
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Courses: Art Studio 1, 2 & 3, AP Art, Graphic Arts and Design 2 and Digital Photography
Biography: Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I am so lucky to teach my passion! I am constantly creative, whether I am exploring photography, printmaking, sketching, or painting. It is exciting for me to explore new techniques and research new artists.  I received my BFA in Art with an emphasis in painting and art history from CSU Chico. During my time there, I studied art and literature at the University of London. I have taught everything from Beginning Art and Drawing to AP Art. From Introduction to Photography to Advanced Digital Photography. I absolutely LOVE Teaching Art! It is the vehicle for so much more; for self expression, communication, and connection to our world.

Jean Summerville

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Courses: Art 1, Ceramics and Life Drawing
ART... BEST SUBJECT EVER! Art is different. Art makes us think and be better people.
Through art, we connect emotionally with ourselves and others across the divides of time and culture. Art gives us new lenses with which to see the world. In a time when we are bombarded with images, looking at art teaches us visual literacy and critical thinking. Art ignites curiosity and focuses attention. Most people think Art lives on museum and gallery walls only, but Art is everywhere. The Art classrooms are a place to make art and connections that are meaningful to you. Please don’t hesitate to chat with me about anything you need to make that happen.

Stephen Tranberg

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Courses: Art 1, Digital Arts Exploration & Advanced Journalism (Yearbook)


Janette Allen

Courses: Drama 1, Drama 2, Stagecraft, Director of Plays/Musicals


Troy Symington

Autumn Kovacs

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