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Courses offered by grades

Grades 9-12
Grades 10-12
Grades 11-12
Art 1 (CTE)  Art Studio 1 Art Studio 2 & 3
Digital Arts Exploration (Semester course) Ceramics Graphic Arts and Design  2 (CTE)
Drawing Digital Photography  
  Graphic Arts and Design 1 (CTE)  

Student Gallery

Textural body drawing
Pen drawing
Pen and Ink drawing
Pen and Ink drawing
Abstract drawing
Pastel Flower
Play poster
Play Poster
Poster project
Art Picture
Freuds Iceberg Theory poster
Sketched Bird
Peacock Drawing
Found Faces Photo
Logo project
Vector Portrait project
Vector Portrait project
Dog Portrait
Ceramic Bust
Ceramic House
Black and White Photo of an eye
Logo project

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