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 PVHS World Language Teachers 

Becker, Jason 

French 1-4               

 *Co-department Chair 


Calhoon, Lee-Anne 

Spanish 1 and 2 


 Gregoire, Marcelle

Spanish 2 and 4     

*Co-department Chair


Jaime, Mauricio  

Spanish 2 and 3 


Martin, Michelle 

Spanish 1 and 3  


 Topete-Tallerico, Janet 

Spanish 1 and 2 


SupportTop of Page

In the PVHS World Languages Department, we offer additional help to students who may want or need it through Tutorials and Guided Review. These are regularly scheduled opportunities for students to get extra help outside of the school day.   

Tutorial schematic

World Languages FAQsTop of Page

At Pleasant Valley High School we offer French and Spanish! 

Why study a language? 
Learning a new language is a unique and exciting experience. Language learning supports academic achievement and provides cognitive benefits in all subjects areas.  Most colleges and universities require a minimum of 2-3 years of world language experience for admission. 

Which level should you take?
Most students begin high school with level I when they enter high school. If you have significant previous experience with the language you wish to take, you may take a placement examination to enter at level II, III or IV, depending on your abilities and experience.

Which language should you study?
Success in a foreign language depends on your motivation and personal interest. All of the languages require homework and studying outside of class. In all of our language classes we study both language and culture to help students enjoy learning

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