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Parent Portal Information


Keep up with your student's progress online. Parent Portal is an online tool that tracks grades, attendance, course history, discipline issues, demographic information and health/immunization data for you to see.

To create an aeries Parent Portal account you will need the following information:
  • a VPC (Verification Pass Code)
  • your student's permanent ID number
  • your home telephone number
Please review these helpful instructions to set up an account.

You can access the ABI Parent website at and click on the Create New Account link.

Senior Parents

The Cap & Gown Rep, Jim Grauel with the Ultimate Grad Company, will be outside the Counseling Office at lunch accepting orders during the following dates:
October 12
October 25
November 15
December 13
January 23
February 20
March 15
April 17
May 10

Tardy Policy

Our Tardy Policy is strictly enforced. When the bell rings, all students are expected to be in their assigned seats or stations.

For specific details regarding the Tardy Policy,  please click here.


Tutoring is available before school, during lunch and after school. Help is available for students in all grade levels according to the two page Tutoring Schedule or with individual teachers by appointment.

The Learning Center

Students are encouraged to take advantage of extra help to improve their grades. The Learning Center is located in room V-1.

Learning Center News:   Students tutored in the Learning Center continue to develop more skills to support their learning in all their classes.  Referrals to the Learning Center can be facilitated by members of the Counseling and/or Administrative Staff.  In the Learning Center, students struggling with core subjects receive intensive intervention strategies to help them grasp concepts taught in their classes.  Please remember, all sophomores with one or more failing grades will be re-scheduled for the second semester into the closed campus lunch period to attend intervention opportunities provided in the Learning Center.  Please help us support your students by re-enforcing the need for them to work with their teachers and attend the various tutorial sessions provided before school, at lunch, and after school.

Student Employment

Students seeking employment will need to pick up a Work Permit from the Career Center.  

Work Permit Facts:

  • A student needs a work permit until they turn 18
  • For each job they hold
  • updated to allow more hours when they turn 14 & 16

For detailed information concerning Labor Laws affecting minors, please visit the following site:

Labor Laws Affecting Minors

Entrance Art

stained glass viking ship

Mallory Greco, Class of 2002, created the beautiful stained glass pictures adorning the entrance to the Administration Building.


Safe Schools Reminder!

Due to an increse in these types of activities within our school district, we think there is a need to present this "safe schools" reminder to all.  Failure to comply will lead to suspension/expulsion and arrest.  

Student and staff safety is an important priority at all CUSD schools.  Parents are asked to remind their students not to bring "look-alike" guns to school. "Look-alike" weapons include items such as air soft guns, paint ball guns or other "toy-type" guns. Students found in possession of these items could face school disciplinary measures such as a suspension or expulsion and possibly criminal charges.  It is not permissible to store these items in backpacks, school lockers or personal vehicles parked on campus.  

Students are not allowed to bring real firearms, ammunition, weapons, knives/razor blades and other dangerous items to school.  

Please call or email our school administration, should you have any questions about this reminder.  

Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping our schools safe!

Student Handbook and Curriculum Guide

Check out the student handbook for details of school programs, courses, rules and services.

State Content Standards - English, Math, Science, Social Science, Visual & Performing Arts

State Content Standards (Draft) - Career & Technical Education


Pleasant Valley High School is fully accredited for a 6-year term through 2015 by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC).
WASC Accreditation

School Accountability Report Card

School Preview at

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