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Name Position E-mail Webpage
Allen, Kelsey Math Email  
Alden, Michael IPS Aide Email  
Anderson, Galen Resource Email  
Arneson, Kathy Instructional Asst. - RSP Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Bailey, Cyndi English
Barber, Ray Science Email Webpage
Barber, Valerie Math Email Webpage
Bates, Sierra Student Services (Gu-O) Email  
Becker, Jason World Languages Co-Chair
Bertapelle, Barbara Science Department Chair Email  
Besnard, Amy English Email Webpage
Billingsley, Lisa Receptionist Email
Bock, Bida Instructional Asst. Email  
Boehm, Irene     Health Aide Email
Bowen, Cara Instructional Aide Email  
Briggs, Christopher I.A. Email  
Brooks, Mike Social Science Email  
Brown, Lynette Instructional Asst. Email  
Bruch, Mary Science Email  
Burns, Priscilla Home Economics Chair & ROP Culinary Email  
Buitron, Sarah I.A. - ELD Email  
Burton, Beth Social Science/ AVID & Social Science Department Chair


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Calhoon, Lee-Anne World Languages Email  
Carr, Jeff SH Teacher Email  
Carras, Patrick Sports Medicine & Viking Online Academy Email  
Carroll, Dru                    
Cafeteria Manager Email
Castillo, Sam       ROP Admin. of Justice Email
Castillo, Melanie ROP Medical Email  
Cooley, Mark Math, P.E. Email
Coulon, Kim Instructional Asst. - SDC
Crane, James (Andy) Special Ed Email  
Crawford, David Health Department Chair Email Webpage


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Davis, Cateena SDC Email  
Dietle, Laura Home Economics Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Egbert, Monica Math Email Webpage
Elliott, Linda Librarian Email Webpage
Ellis, Amanda Counselor (Cu-Ho), Department Chair Email  
Ellsmore, Elaine Butte College Connection Email  
Elton, Diana Instructional Asst. - RSP Email  
Engberg, Cindy Student Services (A-Gr) Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Ferris, Mary Sr. Library Media Assistant Email    
Flint, Patti Student Services (P--Z) Email  
Flory, Bill Science Email Webpage
Ford, Greg Math Email Webpage


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Gall, Suzanne I.P.S. Email  
Garrett, John Social Science Email  
Garrett, Rochelle English Email Webpage
George, Thomas Science Email  
Gilzean, Randy Social Science Email  
Givens, Scott Campus Supervisor Email  
Gregoire, Marcelle World Languages Co-Chair


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Hagan, Kaitlyn English, Power Reading & World Lit Email  
Hankins, Liz Science Email  
Heimlich, Ryan Choir, Guitar & Band Email
Hicks, Ann Itinerant Aide Email  
Hightower, Lloyd SDC Email  
Hislop, Nathan English, World Lit, AP English Email  
Holen, Deanna Asst. Principal (P - Z) Email  
Horn, Ray Campus Supervisor Email  
Hopkins, Cindy                            English & Saga Online Adviser Email Webpage
Hull, Jeffrey Day Treatment Email
Hurd, Amanda Instructional Aide Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Isern, Jessica Counselor (Si-Z) Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Jackson, Pam Athletic Director & P.E. Department Chair Email  Webpage
Jackson, Sterling P.E. Email  Webpage
Jaime-Arellano, Mauricio Spanish, E.L.D. Email
Jensen, Tamara
English, Theatre
Joiner, Matt Industrial Technology Chair Email  
Juanarena, Jenna P.E. Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Keating, Timothy Math Email Webpage
Keller, Leslie Career Center - Work Permits Email  
Kingori, Miriam Instructional Asst. - RSP Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Langseth, Christine Itinerant Aide Email  
Lema, Wendy Math Email  
Lewis, Christina
Instructional Asst.
Ludwig, Misty Special Ed.
Lund, Elaine  Math Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Mallory, Charlotte              Office Manager Email
Manicci, Kelly I.P.S. Email  
Martin, Michelle World Languages Email Webpage
Matlin, Dana IPS Email
Mayr, Martha English & Saga Email  
McKay, Jill Art Email  
Miller, Karen English Email  
Miller, Suzanne I.A. Email  
Mitchell, J.J. P.E. Email Webpage
Moralez, Terrie IPS
Morgan, Phil Facilities - CFA
Morley, Jamie Counseling Office Assistant Email  
Morrissey, Stacia English Department Chair Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Nelson, Dan  Resource Email  
Novak, Debbie
Counseling Assistant


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Oakley, Amannda  Computer Aide Email  
Olsen, Gayle SDC Email  
Olson, Karen RSP Email Webpage
Olson, Russell
RSP Email  
Ottoboni, Natalie Science Email  


Name     Position E-mail Webpage
Pack, Erinn English Email  
Paddock, Robert Math Email  
Parker, Julie School Nurse
Parker, Ryan Social Science
Email Webpage
Paul, Katherine P.E. Email  
Peck, Michael Business Email Webpage
Phelan, Tom Drafting & Manufacturing Technologies Email
Plants, Melisa Counselor Hu-Mt Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Rash, Judy Campus Supervisor Email  
Richman, Rochelle Counselor (A-Cr) Email  
Rickmers, Reta Visual & Performing Arts Chair Email  
Rollins, Rahlna Math Email Webpage
Rosenow, Debbie Math Department Chair Email Webpage
Ruttenburg, Phil Clinician Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Scholar, Michele I.A. - Learning Center Email  
Shaffer, Deena Cafeteria Email  
Shepherd, John Principal Email  
Soto, Aurora Spanish & Yearbook Email  
Souza, Ronald P.E. Email  
Spaggiari, Renee Assistant Principal (Gu--O) Email  
Stevens, Tom Independent Study Email  
Stoner, Wendee Itinerant Aide Email  
Sullins, Susan Home Economics Email


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Tallerico, Tony P.E. Email  
Tippets, Susan Science Email  
Topete-Tallerico, Janet World Languages Email Webpage
Tracy, Jeff IPS Healthcare Email  
Trowbridge, Daymi  Psychologist  Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Utterback, Rich SDC Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Valente, Linda Cafeteria Email
Van Dewark, Lindsay English & Yearbook Email  
Volk, Stefanie English & Student Activities Email
Vought, Mike Social Science Email  


Name Position E-mail Webpage
Wheeler, Helen Athletics Assistant Email  
Whittaker, Damon Assistant Principal (A--Gr) Email  
Woodbury, Jeanne I.A. Email  



Name Position E-mail Webpage
Xiong, Mai
Target Case Manager Email  

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